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“Carla Woloohojian has been working with my son, Gian, for over 2 years. She is highly efficient, enthusiastic and dedicated offering a great ‘personal’ level of service.

She was able to instruct him in the way his brain processed the information. She was always researching different techniques if needed to give him the strategies and skills he needed to be a successful reader. She took the time to know him and build his interests into her lesson plan for his sessions to keep him focused.

She has been so instrumental in helping my son gain the confidence not only to read but also to overcome his shyness in oral reading and presentations.  I cannot express how thankful we are that he was able to work with her.  

It was so astonishing for us as parents to see the transformation in him over the years. It was such an achievement to see him read aloud to his peers with confidence. It was also amazing to see him help his younger sister with the skills he learned from Carla.  He will use the skills she taught him throughout his life.”

“Carla Woloohojian has played an instrumental part in my 10 year olds success. She has been working with my son since he was 6 years old.  My son has Auditory Processing Disorder and Carla has given him the needed confidence as a reader and as a learner. My son has also become a risk taker, which has boosted his self esteem. Her knowledge, patience, and ability to always keep me informed as a parent, are a few of the many reasons I would highly recommend Carla. “

“Carla taught my daughter to say her first words”

‘My voice has never felt stronger. I am grateful that I learned how to take care of my voice and will no longer take it for granted!’

Collaborating with Carla on various art and social skill workshops was enjoyable on a professional level, but equally importantly was the success that the students experienced during peer interactions in a natural, relaxing environment.

Blue Door Studio Owner and Director