Our Services

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We offer a complete range of services for children and adults. Please call to discuss the appropriate service for you.

Our services include evaluation and treatment for the following areas:

  • Voice Therapy
  • Articulation Skills
  • Auditory Processing Skills
  • Speech Fluency Skills (Stuttering)
  • Expressive Language Skills
  • Receptive Language Skills
  • Social Language Skills
  • Reading and Spelling Skills
  • Writing Skills

Our highly effective services incorporate, but are not limited to the following programs:

  • Evidence Based Voice Techniques – Vocal Hygiene Programs
  • Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing
  • Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • Seeing Stars Program
  • PECS (Basic Training)
  • Orton – Gillingham
  • Social Thinking Programs
  • Lively Letters
  • Expanding Expression Tool
  • Children Who Struggle To Speak: The Kaufman Speech To Language Protocol